KIRA is a facilities maintenance company. The company has three main services: base operating support (BOS), construction and renovation, and general facilities maintenance services.

Fort Carson Bird BathLow Cost Provider

KIRA is a global company that has operations in dozens of locations worldwide. The company has managed growth by investing in innovation and technology to make ourselves the low-cost leader in facilities maintenance. KIRA is able to be the low-cost provider because the company has found ways to bring innovation into an industry that is often running on outdated technologies and management ideas.

KIRA manages projects that employ hundreds of employees across tens of thousands of acres, all while keeping projects on-cost and on time.  One of the ways KIRA maintains such efficiency is by leveraging technological innovations such as:

  • Mobile supply warehouses
  • Paperless labor management
  • Handheld work control technology

Technological innovations have allowed us to keep careful inventory on what projects are being done, hours logged, and overall progress.