Private Industry

KIRA understands the financial pressures, quality control challenges, and management difficulties in trying to maintain facility maintenance for large, private enterprises.


USAFA Cadets

Our extensive experience in operating very large contracts under tight budgetary and time constraints makes us an ideal partner for private industries looking to outsource their facilities maintenance.

We can provide complete maintenance for:

  • Universities
  • Secondary School Districts
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Highways and Secondary Roads

Part of the reputation and allure of a university is the beauty of its campus.  Maintaining a college campus, with tens of thousands of acres of properties, hundreds of restrooms, high-traffic student housing, complex HVAC and power systems, and miles of walkways and interior roads provides a significant challenge to even the most organized maintenance staff.  KIRA provides award-winning landscaping, maintenance, and other important behind-the-scenes support services.   Our focus is on being the lowest-cost provider who supplies the highest quality services.

As one example, we are a 40% partner on the joint venture that performs the $156M civil engineering and cadet support service contract at the United States Air Force Academy.  KIRA currently provides complete maintenance services for the 18,000-acre United States Air force Academy.

Specific tasks:

  • Maintenance and repair of 257 facilities totaling 8,000,000 sq. ft., including everything from administrative suites to dormitories to athletics buildings
  • Readiness and environmental support
  • Managing and repairing all infrastructure, including:
    • Electrical power distribution
    • Maintenance of nearly 200 miles of paved and unpaved roads
    • Water distribution
    • Sanitary sewer
    • Storm drainage
    • Natural gas distribution
    • Non-potable water systems
  • Three 5,000 linear foot runways support  

Learn more about our United States Air Force Academy contract.

Secondary School Districts
School districts are always in need of balancing strained budgets, and maintenance can be one of the largest ongoing expenses.  KIRA’s quarter century history of providing cost-effective solutions in complex and dynamic environments has given us the experience to provide ongoing quality support for:

  • Grounds maintenance and landscaping
  • Facilities management and maintenance services
  • Physical plant operations, such as installation, maintenance, and repair of facility systems equipment:
    • HVAC
    • Power
    • Gas
  • Food services and equipment
  • Custodial services
  • Refuse collection
  • Vehicle maintenance services
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Horizontal and vertical construction
  • Restoration and expansion construction
  • Scheduling
  • Safety management
  • Emergency lighting, fire detection/prevention systems, and transformer maintenance
  • Elevator maintenance

The bottom line is that KIRA can help budget-conscious school districts manage all their maintenance needs in ways that are low-cost, efficient, and timely.  We can free up both the administrative support needed to manage these projects, and deliver them at a lower cost than smaller companies or individual subcontractors.  

Our experience with university contracts has given us an understanding of the unique challenges and solutions facing large, student-centered campuses.

KIRA employees assisting with unloading ships at AUTECHospitals
Like so many private enterprises, hospitals face the prospect of tight budgets and a strong need to eliminate waste in any of their expenses.  Contracting out facilities maintenance to a company like KIRA can save not only time and money, but also the administrative paperwork of having to manage dozens of contractors and employees.  KIRA’s long history of providing low-cost and high-quality solutions make us ideally suited to help hospitals manage their facilities maintenance services in a cost-effective way.

We provide the following critical support services for hospitals:

  • Water, sewer line, and distribution systems repair and replacement
  • Air handling controls maintenance
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of facility systems equipment
  • Emergency lighting, fire detection/prevention systems, and transformer maintenance
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Food service equipment
  • Medical gas systems maintenance
  • Medical and non-medical equipment maintenance and repair
  • Electrical equipment maintenance
  • Renovation and restoration

Proper facilities maintenance at airports helps to support the overall safety of the aircraft and personal.  KIRA is already involved in maintaining airstrips at the United States Air Force Academy, Bullseye Airfield, Farish Recreational Area, and others.  These airstrips see tremendous volume of aircraft, and also are located in areas where weather can frequently present potential complications to runways.

We are currently performing the following services:

  • Lighting
  • Snow removal
  • Utility maintenance
  • Mowing and preventative maintenance of greenways
  • Control tower maintenance
  • Painting and runway repair
  • Maintenance of runway vehicles

KIRA can provide these services in very cost-effective ways with the highest quality, allowing airports to focus on their passengers and air traffic control.

Highways and Secondary Roads
KIRA currently maintains many hundreds of miles of both paved and unpaved roads, including Interstate 25 outside of Colorado Springs, one of the busiest highways in the state.  We provide many critical services necessary to keep these roads functioning well, and looking their best.

The services we offer include:

  • Roadside maintenance:
    • Mowing
    • Weeding
    • Planting
    • Debris removal
  • Painting
  • Snow removal
  • Restroom maintenance, including:
    • Cameras
    • Security equipment
    • Fire suppression systems
  • Vehicle maintenance services