KIRA has a deep commitment to being a positive force in the world.  Under Carlos Garcia, the company’s owner and president, KIRA has lead by example, founding scholarships, contributing to hurricane relief, bringing vital services and education to the neediest parts of the world, and much more.

KIRA President and CEO Carlos Garcia with Garcia Family Scholarship RecipientScholarships and Endowments
Mr. Garcia is the founder of the Garcia Family Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania, which is awarded to students of Hispanic decent. In 2006 Maria Cristina Benitez, the first recipient to receive this scholarship for four years, graduated. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and is now employed by Morgan Stanley on Wall Street.

At Columbia University, Mr. Garcia was a major contributor to the Robert Lear Auditorium, named in honor of his faculty advisor at Columbia.  More recently, he contributed to the Professorship named for his former professor Steven Robuck.

Carlos Garcia with KIRA employee at the 2008 Tribute to the MilitaryOverseas Charitable Work
KIRA supports the Casa de Estudios in Nicaragua. Starting with the payment of two students’ full tuition, Mr. Garcia now supports four children and has announced his plans to expand to eight next year.  Mr. Garcia also contributes to One World Running, an organization that supplies people all over the world with running shoes.

KIRA donates money and frequent flyer miles to nurses who travel to Latin America to volunteer their time and medical services.   Mr. Garcia also provides funds to young Central American orphans to attend summer athletic camps.

United States Charitable Work
KIRA was able to relocate Hurricane Katrina victims to vacant military family houses at their site in South Carolina. Employees of KIRA's Mississippi project site also spent several of their weekends assisting Biloxi residents with relocating their personal belongings and reestablishing theiOhio Students - One World Runningr homes that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. KIRA operated a tent and trailer man camp for well over a year after Katrina, and now has an 8-year contract in Biloxi employing over 50 full time technicians.

KIRA recently hosted 10 Ohio State students in it's Colorado office while they cleaned, sorted and packaged 2,500 pairs of shoes for shipment to multiple charitable events throughout the world.