One of the ways KIRA controls costs is by implementing technological innovations that have streamlined our entire business operation.


We are able to be the low-cost provider because we have found ways to bring innovation into an industry that is often running on very outdated technologies and management ideas.

Paperless Labor Management
KIRA has combined the functionality of industry leading software solutions to effectively implement a paperless work control environment, improving efficiency through the reduction of data entry mistakes and saving time due to the elimination of data re-entry. In addition, KIRA has developed internal software systems that create a completely transparent portal in which our customers can track progress of service orders and project data as tracked through these systems.

KIRA oversees nearly a thousand worker on a half dozen major contracts across the world, while keeping careful track of hours, deliverables, supply schedules and deliveries, accounting, and many other dynamic and complicated tasks.  Our paperless labor management system saves immeasurable amounts of time while ensuring a high level of accuracy and control.  This system allows us to keep track of each and every project we are managing, and to be able to access vital information with the click of a button.

Mobile Supply Warehouses
KIRA uses a mobile supplies warehouse that can be deployed to dispense small-to-medium maintenance and repair parts to our technicians in the field.  This self-contained system allows our employees to keep focused on their jobs and not on finding, ordering, and picking up the parts they need to conduct maintenance or repairs.  As a time saving measure, this methodology assists in anticipating needs and keeps the team focused on the task at hand.

Handheld Work Control Technology for Employees

KIRA’ handheld work control units allow technicians to remotely record work status, labor and materials, time and attendance, failure codes, comments, view job plans, and asset repair histories, creating new work orders on demand. These mobile units also allow our employees to request materials, support, or additional resources easily and efficiently; therefore increasing the productivity of our technicians, material coordinators, and supervisors.

Smart Phones and Direct Connects in the Field
KIRA equips our Project Managers and all other managers with the best communication tools available. Each manager has a Smart Phone that allows for a direct phone number and instant access to email. KIRA’s management and technician also employ direct connect mobile phones. These “push-to-talk” phones allow our field staff to communicate with our customers as well as their managers and supervisors immediately.

These are just a few of the numerous innovations that KIRA implements at its project sites. Please contact us for more information on how our processes can best utilize your installation or company’s stringent budget.