Construction & Renovation

KIRA brings together teams of professional contractors and renovation experts, who provide cost-effective solutions to government and private sector clients across a wide array of industries.


We can help with the construction or the renovation of large projects, emergency disaster repair and relief, historic building renovation, and much more.

KIRA’s expertise is in:  

  • Managing subcontractors for cost and quality control
  • Overseeing both horizontal and vertical construction
  • Staying on budget and on schedule
  • Ensuring all safety protocols are met
  • Meeting local, state, and federal environmental laws
  • Providing disaster construction, such as emergency contracting after natural disasters

KIRA’s experience includes:

  • Horizontal and vertical construction
  • Military family housing construction
  • Hurricane restoration and renovation
  • Restoration/maintenance of historic homes
  • Scheduling
  • Quality control
  • Safety management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Change management